Street Photography in Schwerin


I shoot portraits - mostly outdoor or on location. The price for a portrait is 350 EUR (250 EUR for acting students) for 7 photos (incl. postproduction). I shoot digital or on film.


To D or not to D? That is the question

As long as I am able to move freely I prefer fixed focal length. And because I wanted to fill my (lense) gaps for my Nikons (Nikon D3 and Nikon F5) I did some research between christmas and new year in order to find a decent and af...


Comparing a 35mm lense and two 28mm lenses

Recently I bought a Ricoh GXR and added the M-Module (12 Megapixel) and a Viewfinder to my shoping list. I shoot film most of the time but I liked the concept of the camera plus the fact that it takes lenses with M-mount.

I thou...

Hermann Hesse published "Demian" shortly after the end of the First World War. Europe's morals and values went down with it in its fall. A new world could now arise. But who is ready to build it? Hesse traces Sinclair's path of individuation. What mak...

This play will take 3,5 hours without a break I was told. If you want to leave before the end, please take the emergency exit since we have an event downstairs. This was my first Fotoprobe at the Maxim Gorki Theater and I certainly did not think about leaving early onc...


I bought the Contax G1 recently. The Minolty X700 too but as I wrote in the first challenge blog article: The X700 was the first (serious) camera I used and the one I used longer than any other camera (may be except for the Hasselblad 500CM).

The challenge between the t...

We definetly had left the civilisation behind as we approached Son Kul. And all the wheels in my head which are usually busy all the time came more or less to a stand still. We passed camels, we passed ruins and climbed higher and higher.

We even passed cowboys as the l...

On the next day things bekame serious. We did our first hiking after Sergej drove us up to 2.600m (Boz Salkyn Jailoo). From here on we went up one of the mountains and made it up to 2.950m. The last time I had gone up a mountain was when I was 15 or 16. From what I rem...

In July 2017 I went to Kyrgyzstan with a Pentax LX, a 50mm and a 28mm and ten roles of Ilford HP5 to do a photo essay about this country and its people.

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