The person I miss the most is my uncle Ibrahim. He was my father's little brother and a few years older than me. He was more my older brother than my uncle. He had a modern way of thinking. I learned many things from him about my profession and life.

He went to Nigeria...


I will never forget the day when my father beat me till I was unconscious. Why? Because I refused to do what he asked me to do.

That day he made me go through some physical punishment squating for about a hundred times, crossing my arms and puting my hands to my ears, T...


I will never forget that day, at school, when I was ten years old (1975). I had the cards of all Real Madrid  players. One day, when I was in class, my class mate, who was a fan of FC Barcelona, told the teacher that I had the cards of the players.

He ordered me to give...


I drove back from Madrid to Hamburg and went along the cost line of France. I took my time (four days) and ate oysters every day at a different place. The absolute highlight was standing at Omaha beach and sensing the allied invasion during the second world war. I was...


On one of my first evenings in Madrid - before I moved there - I chatted with a waiter in the Cafe Comercial. We became friends and I even was best man at his wedding years later. Juan is not only a waiter but writes and did some acting. These pictures were taken for t...

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