"I am usually too busy to take baths. But if I do, I take the time to treat myself well."

"I have to get up early in the morning quite often. I don´t know if coffee realy helps me to wake up better but I would not want to miss it."

"What can you do when you wake up in the middle of the night with a big hole inside of you? Especially if you have a nice cake in the fridge? I have an old lady-neighbour who bakes them. And she bakes a lot ..."

"I think most of all I would miss the ritual of smoking if I´d gave it up. Taking a break, smelling the fresh tobacco as you open the cig pack, leaning back and inhaling."

"When I came to pick her up the woman who sold her cried a lot. She did not want to let her go. It was a process of several weeks and I allready gave up upon the idea to take her home with me. But eventually she called and brought her home."

About two or three years ago, I had the idea to shoot a series of little stories of people. Kind of snippets of their lifes. Not necessarily their real lifes but something that looks real. With the time it should feal like one gets to know this person better and better...

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