First Impressions

I think it was in 2000 that I used an XPan (and a rangefinder purposely) for the first time. I worked as Art Director during those days and Hasselblad Germany was my client. I used it on two occasions: for a small campaign with the Asian model (see th...


I did not quite know what to expect when I got there after missing a connection flight and in Europe and getting there 12 hours later than planned in desperate need of sleep. To my surprise I very much liked the city: the sea, the university the hilly streets and most...


For many years the idea of making a trip to Israel hung in the back of my head. But it was not until 2009 that the idea transformed into a journey. Rüdi - a colleague of mine and his wife Boa went to Tel Aviv for Passover and I took advantage of this. I was also workin...

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