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This play will take 3,5 hours without a break I was told. If you want to leave before the end, please take the emergency exit since we have an event downstairs. This was my first Fotoprobe at the Maxim Gorki Theater and I certainly did not think about leaving early once the play had started. Because the actors played so well and the story got me right away and because the production was very intelligent. I know it is a word that feels kind of odd in this context but I can not find a better one.

I loved to discover the small details which have been thought of carefully. A fire made of colored paper and a spot that looked more than real despite of its simplicity, the color of the coat of Yasmine which was the same as in many Virgin Maria´s paintings. Or Peter who seems to step back from his role as a representative of the regime and starts to handle a strong spot light, and points it at the small secret dialogues of the other actors and the audience.

All actors were great. More than great to be honest. But if you would force me to name the one that impressed me the most this evening, I would say "Hasenscharte", played by Jonas Anders. Why? You should go and find out yourself.

Direction: Nurkan Erpulat

Choreography: Modjgan Hashemian

Dramaturgy: Arved Schultze

Music: Michael Haves

Actors: Jonas Anders, Loris Kubeng, Taner Sahintürk, Falilou Seck, Çigdem Teke and Linda Vaher

Premiere: 18. Oktober 2017 (Nikon D7000)

#Berlin #NikonD7000 #2017 #Hundesöhne #MaximGorkiTheater #ÁgatoKristóf #NurkanErpulat

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