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Mazl Tov was the first inofficial concept trailer. I produced it to get started and to see if things work out the way I planned. My idea was not to produce a classical trailer with a summary of a play. What I wanted was to get people interested who usually don´t have a connection theater, opera or ballet. I wanted to enable a glimpse into a world they usually don´t have access to: backstage. And I wanted to focuse on one or two people at each trailer to show that the people on a stage are people like you. I knew this would be a process because in order to behave natural they would have to get used to me and my camera. Mazl Tov was only the beginning but with each production I sould become more and more part of the team.


Mazl Tov

Ballett von Jutta Ebnother

Musikalische Leitung Friedemann Braun

Choreographie Jutta Ebnother

Bühnenbild Jutta Ebnother

Kostüme Adriana Mortelliti

Dramaturgie Peter Larsen


#MecklenburgischesStaatstheater #2018 #Schwerin #Dance #Ballet

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