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I will never forget the moment when I heard the evening news on the radio that thursday 9. November 1989 in Hamburg. I was in bed allready when the news speaker announced that the people from the GDR would be allowed to cross borders from now on. For a moment I thought about geting up and telling my parents who were watching TV in the livingroom. But then I thought I must have understood something wrong and slept. One day later my then best friend and I went to Berlin in his car to see things with our own eyes.

We had no close relatives in East Germany but I had certainly visited the GDR several times. the first time to see my biddy´s grandmother when I was in 6. grade and the last time on a class trip during 13. grade. I was more or less aware of the life "over there" but that is not the same thing as living "over there".

Meanwhile I am living in the former GDR what means I am somewhat attached to the people here. So it is probably no surprise how much I love Nina´s documentary project, the history behind it and the way Katrin, Flavius, Martin, Özgür, Sebastian and Jennifer are performing.

Ein Rechercheprojekt von Nina Gühlstorff und Ensemble

Im Rahmen von DAS LAND DAZWISCHEN, einer Kooperation von AKA:NYX, Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater und Volkstheater Rostock

Gefördert im Fonds Doppelpass der Kulturstiftung des Bundes

Inszenierung Nina Gühlstorff Ausstattung Franziska Gebhardt Dramaturgie Jenny Flügge Künstlerische Produktionsleitung Manuela Wießner

Mit Katrin Heinrich Flavius Hölzemann Martin Neuhaus Özgür Platte Sebastian Reck Jennifer Sabel

Kinder Fabian Boldt, Lara Goethel, Emma Güttler, Jolina Jäck, Karen Lehmköster, Franziska Seidl, Stella Helene Thebud, Pavel Wernicke

#MecklenburgischesStaatstheater #2018 #Schwerin #Play

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