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Besides The Art of not looking back there was performed a second piece that day which even had its world Premiere on the 21. April: Erde. Nacho Duato who is going to leave the Staatsballett after this season. Except for the last scene it was very quite minimalistic too. Not in terms of the number of dancers who performed but the decoration was spare. The light and fog were used instead. The funny thing is - when I look at the photos I had taken that day it does not look that way at all. Some of them even look a bit epic, some remind of paintings from Goya and others of Art Deco (Light and colours).

Choreography Nacho Duato

Music Pedro Alcalde, Sergio Caballero, Richie Hawtin, Alva Noto and Mika Vainio

Stage Concept Numen + Ivana Jonke

Costumes Beate Borrmann

Light Concept Brda Fileds

Dancers Ksenia Ovsyanick, Pamela Valim, Yuliya Golitsina, Jordan Mullin, Elena Pris, Katherine Rooke, Pauline Voisard, Luciana Voltolini, Patricia Zhou, Alexander Abdukarimov, Alexander Akulov, Taras Bilenko, Paul Busch, Joaquin Crespo Lopes, Konstantin Lorenz, Ashak Ghalumyan, Cameron Hunter, Olaf Kollmannsperger, Nikolay Korypaev, Sacha Males, Vladislav Marinov, Alexej Orlenco, Kevin Pouzou, Dominic Hodal, Wei Wang, Dominic Whitbrook, Mehmet Yumak

Premiere 21. April 2017 (Nikon D7000)

#Berlin #NikonD7000 #KomischeOperBerlin #2017 #NachoDuato #Erde #StaatsballettBerlin

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