Union Berlin at the Alte Försterei


My passion for football is not too far away from my passion for photography. But I usually prefer a dry seat in a bar next door where the beer finds its way to the table, toilets are close and difficult situations can be seen in slow motion. What´s more: I am from Hamburg and my heart beats for HSV and St. Pauli.

But despite all those points above, my neighbour Sebastian asked me if I wanted like to watch a game of Union Berlin (against VFL Bochum) with him and some friends. And I said yes. Union Berlin plays in the 2. Bundesliga but has a charisma and charme, similar to St. Pauli. And I had been thinking about watching a game at the Alte Försterei, just to have it done at least once while I live in Berlin.


But I certainly brought my camera with me. And because you can always get hit by a plastic mug of bear which has been thrown due to joy or frustration, I picked a waterproof camera from the 80ies to come with me: a Nikon Action Touch. What can I say - it was a perfect evening (despite of the freezing cold and the sore throat and a slight fever I had that day. The company was great, the atmosphare was great and the result was great too: Union Berlin won 2:1

(Nikon Action Touch)




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