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Seattle and New York

I did not quite know what to expect when I got there after missing a connection flight and in Europe and getting there 12 hours later than planned in desperate need of sleep. To my surprise I very much liked the city: the sea, the university the hilly streets and most of all the fantastic library. But I saw a lot of homeless people, pavements, streets and buildings in poor condition. Things I did not remember from other places I visited in the US before. The beginning of the downfall of a country and the result of 8 years Bush administration showed almost everywhere. New York I visited in September 2013 to meet Joseph Rodriguez, a photographer from New York and to discuss the idea of having a workshop for kids under the umbrella of 365-international. I certainly did not go without a camera (Hasselblad XPan) and these are some of the photos I took back home. (Hasselblad XPan)

#BlackandWhite #StreetPhotography #Seattle #NewYork #HasselbladXPan

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