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Iphigenia in Tuaris

From my first shooting at the Deutsches Theater Berlin: She is the daughter of the accursed House of Atreus. Iphigenia is only alive thanks to heavenly intervention, as her father once wanted to sacrifice her to the gods so that the Greek army could advance on Troy. At the last moment, Artemis kidnapped the girl and brought her to Tauris. Now, after many years in exile as Artemis’ priest, she longs to return. And at the same time, she is deeply indebted to the Tauri king, Thoas, whose violent society she transforms into a humane one. “The human race feared the gods,” as it says in the Song of the Fates, which Iphigenia listened to during her childhood and would have preferred to have long forgotten. As Heiner Müller once said, a simple switch in grammar would bring the sentence up-to-date: "The gods fear the human race." The entire play, a celebration of humanity, trembles at this change in grammar.

Actors: Moritz Grove, Camill Jammal, Kathleen Morgeneyer, Barbara Schnitzler, Oliver Stokowski Premiere: October 14, 2016 (Nikon D7000)

#Berlin #NikonD7000 #DeutschesTheaterBerlin #IphigeniainTuaris #Goethe

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