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Isabel Vollrath

Maria Giambona (a former ballet dancer of the Berliner Staatsoper) invited me to Isabel Vollrath´s show at the Fashion Week Berlin 2017 and I took some snapshots of Isabel´s work. I kind of felt like a stranger among the other people who came to see the show and in the end that is what I was.

And I felt stuck among the other photographers during the show – not able to move and to change my point of view. I had to think of Helmut Newton who left the studio for outdoor locations in order to shoot fashion. Exactly, what I suggested to Isabel. On facebook. Probably not the best way to present ones ideas.

But although I usually try to melt in and become part of the people I take photos of, it can be good to have the role of an observer.

(Nikon D7000)

#Hasselblad500CM #OmahaBeach #Normandy #dday #beach

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