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Hasselblad XPan

First Impressions

I think it was in 2000 that I used an XPan (and a rangefinder purposely) for the first time. I worked as Art Director during those days and Hasselblad Germany was my client. I used it on two occasions: for a small campaign with the Asian model (see the example shots) and on a journey to Egypt. I wrote an article about using the camera on that trip and shot the photos for the article. I remember one phrase I used untill today: "... you can also use it as a hammer without problems if you need one". And this was ment absolutely positive in terms of quality. I fell instantly in love with it.

I had to return the camera to Hasselblad after that trip but got a used one about seven years later. It has scretches and bumps but never let me down. I still mostly used it for travel assignments although there is absolutely no reason to leave it in the bag when you shoot at home.

Photos of my Hasselblad XPan


The camera is heavy for a camera of this size and feals nice in your hands. Buttons, wheels and sounds are just as they should be. I remember the hard light conditions on that trip: full sunlight, striped shadows etc. which were mastered extremely well by this camera.

You can switch the format of the frames you shoot with. Either normal 35 frames or a double frame for panorama shots. I almost always take panorama shots with it because extreme formats are nice for more extraordinary compositions.

The general handling is great. Everything is organised well and at wheels and buttons are at the right spots. The film is completely unloaded onto the spool and the film is shot back into the film canister. This is something I like very much because if the back should be opened accidently, you don´t lose the shots you have already taken. Since I have a lot of cameras, this happens to me once in a while.

Photos taken with my Hasselblad XPan

Relevant specifications

  • Film: 35mm

  • Production Time: 2000 - 2005 (introduced in 1998)

  • Viewfinder: LCD shows the shutter speed and exposure information

  • Frame lines: Dual-format - 24x65 mm and 24x36 mm

  • Coupled exposure meter

  • Coupled rangefinder

  • Shutter speeds: from 8sec to 1/1000sec and B (max 540sec), flash sync speed up to 1/125

  • Film speed: ASA 25 – 3200, (auto DX setting and manual setting)

  • Power supply: 2 x Lithium CR2

  • Film advance: The motor can fire in single-frame or continuous mode

  • Size: Length 51 mm, Width 166 mm, Height 82 mm

  • Weight: 720 g

  • Price I payed: approx. EUR 800,00 (body and 90mm lense)

Manuals (PDF)

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