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Children and teenager are the most innocent victims of the conflicts in the middle east. Since I am a dad myself I sometimes try to put myself into the situation of parents in countries like Syria, Irak and Afghanistan. What would I do if I had to make a decision between staying in a country at war with terrorists, bombs, no schools, health care and future fo my children? Would I stay and hide or would I try to escape and take my family on a life threatoning trip were they could lose their lifes just as easily or end in a camp in Turkey or Greece?

Fortunatly I only have to ask me this question theoretically. But thousands of parents have to make that decision in real. That´s why I thought it must be possible to activate parents in Germany (and may be one day in other countries) to support these families in the middle east, on the way or in to Europe and started the project PR417. There is a project website: but it is only in German at the moment.

(Hasselblad 500C/M)

#2017 #middleeast #refugees #children #teenager #socialproject #Hasselblad500CM

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