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I moved to Schwerin in November 2017. We got kicked out of our apartment in Berlin Friedrichshain and since I took this quite personal and Berlin does not really care about its families, we looked for a new place in the North. We ended up in Schwerin the capitol of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 30 minutes away from the Baltic Sea and one hour away from Hamburg. It is a lovely city, almost perfect for a family with small kids.

In Berlin I had walked through the streets for hours, hunting for good street photography shots. A habit I did not stop in Schwerin either. If you a re new to a city, you see much more things than when you lived in it for a while already. What´s more: there are thousands of street photographers in Berlin and it looks to me there is far less competition in Schwerin ;-)

#BlackandWhite #MecklenburgVorpommern #Schwerin #StreetPhotography #VoigtländerBessaR #OlympusOM2

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