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Schweriner Jazznacht 2019

Time flies. After 2018 this was my second Schweriner Jazznacht and I can´t mention it often enough how previleged I feal that I am in the position to combine two things I love: Jazz and Photography.

According to Marianne Wöhrle-Braun, the 10. Schweriner Jazznacht was not only ment as a Hommage to human rights but also as a symbol of European understanding beyond all borders and nations... I managed to shoot during the soundchecks this year where I have more liberties to look for good perspectives and framing becuase I can walk around relatively free. And it pays of in my opinion. I also shot a bit of video material. The 2 minutes video can be seen in a separate blog article. This years guests among others were the Riccardo del Fra Quintet, Tuto Puoane and the Berussels Jazz Orchestra, Günter Baby Sommer, Christoph Möckel, Jonas Westergaard and Me Myself And Them to start with a little bit of name droping.

Tutu Puoane & The Brussel Jazz Orchestra - "We have a Dream"

"Every musican/artist has allready dreamed to write or sing the song which erases racism, poverty, conflicts and every form of injustice. Unfortunatly a song does not allways change the world automaticaly but it can sometimes help to change perspectives. Our task as artists/musicians it is to keep trying." - Translation of the statement of Tutu Puoane

Tne Riccardo del Fra Quintet - "Moving People"

The music of Moving People is telling about humanity, its vulnerabilty and parallely of its enormous power. From empathy and from the OTHER ONE facing us and how her/his story touches us. The project was brought to life in cooperation with the foundation Genshagen at the 25. anniversary of the Weimarer Dreicks (Weimar Triangle) und was given the title "Hope - Espoire-Nadzieja".

Me, Myself & Them - Jörg Teichert, Sandie Wollasch, Martin Meixner

FIRST MEETING - Baby Günter Sommer, Christoph Möckel and Jonas Westergaard

#jazz #jazzphotography

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