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The Art of Not Looking Back

I was invited to the Photo Probe two days ago and once again enjoyed it very much. It was very pure, very graphic and the dancers did a very impressive job here. Not only the way they moved but also the coordination of their movements and how they acted together.I always enjoy these shootings. It was my first shooting at the komische Oper berlin and the first one for the Staatsballett this year and I only wish there were more occasions.

Choreography and Music by Hofesh Shechter,

Dancers: Krasina Pavlova, Weronika Frodyma, Xenia Wiest, Marina Kanno, Pauline Voisard, Mari Kawanishi

Premiere: 21. April 2017 (Nikon D7000)

#Berlin #NikonD7000 #KomischeOperBerlin #TheArtofNotLookingBack #HofeshShechter #2017 #NachoDuato

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