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A miracle done for a sinner (Ludmilla)

Like any child i wanted to be loved by my family and my friends but many times was scared to death. My father was an alcoholic. One day when he was drunk again he wanted to hit my grandmother with an emty bottle but I covered her with my small body as good as I could to protect her. Some other day my father had hidden a cow half at my grandmother ́s and I brought it away (it was so heavy) because I was afraid my grandmother would be arrested if it would be found in her house.

Later, when I was a young woman, god gave me a loving, delicate and good husband but I did not appriciate it and the worst thing happened: I almost lost him in a terrible car accident. He was so close to death that only god could help him. I thank god, the orthodox church and my family, who showed me what true love and belief can do. It was a miracle done for a sinner. An other tragedy happened: my daughter was raped. Again god helped. Everyday I see examples for god ́s love. Here I work as a maid but feal like a member of the family.

#illegal #inmigrants #blackandwhite #portrait #Madrid #Hasselblad500CM

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