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About a friend and grand parents (Asis and Jahia)

In this world it is very difficult to build up a friendship and to keep it if a long distance separates you from your friend. Azoline is my best friend. We had a good time together when I was in Morocco. He is a nice guy, ready to help you, who knows his limits and the meaning of the word "friendship". It is very difficult to find a friend like him. He's the only person I miss so much.

Now I appreciate that our parents teach us to respect our grandparents. The last days in my country were very difficult for me. I have thought a lot about my grandparents and I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible, listen to their stories, their experiences, their advice and other things.

I cried a lot during the last three days with them. I thought I would never see them again and I thought, "How can I leave them alone! Who will help them when they need it? Now that it is a long time to see them, to sit with them and receive their love and their advice, I miss them.

#illegal #inmigrant #Madrid #blackandwhite #portrait #Hasselblad500CM

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