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Be carefull with donkeys (Rashid)

I did not know that humans can be attractive for donkeys. One day my mother sent me to bring grass to the lambs and the cows. I climbed on my donkey and took the road. It was a beautiful day; It was sunny but not very hot. I was very happy and sang my favorite songs, but my affectionate burrito changed all this in an unexpected way. As I cut the grass, I noticed that my donkey followed me with his eyes in a strange way.

Still I was very much surprised when I bent down and he jumped on top of me and wanted to fuck me. His genital was enormous. I ran away from him, I ran, and he followed me. At the entrance to the house, my mother asked me about the grass. I told her that there was no field and that the neighbors had cut it all. They threw me out saying that I was blind. From that day, I knew that you had to be very careful with the donkeys when you were alone with them.

#illegal #immigrant #blackandwhite #portrait #Madrid #Hasselblad500CM

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