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I had a goal (Victor)

From early childhood on I dreamed about practicing in the sports section - being a fighter. I entered the construction school with the sports section of my dreams of when I was fifteen. My physical condition was insufficient. I was not in good shape and weighed only 46 kilos. This section was also visited by the boys of my study group, who were much stronger and taller than me, who were15 or 20 kilos heavier than me.

But they did not have enough willpower to quit smoking and drinking as our trainer demanded and had to leave our section. I had a goal and spent all my free time getting the results. I have been successful in the competitions and won the best prizes.

These guys laughed at me and did not believe in my strength, but after three years I easily won against them.

#illegal #immigrant #blackandwhite #portrait #Madrid #Hasselblad500CM

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