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Never waste your time again (Ahmed)

I will never forget that day, at school, when I was ten years old (1975). I had the cards of all Real Madrid players. One day, when I was in class, my class mate, who was a fan of FC Barcelona, told the teacher that I had the cards of the players.

He ordered me to give them to him, he took them and teared them into pieces one after another. That moment I felt my heart break. Then he took me to the last chair of the class, put my legs between the table and the chest of drawers and began to beat me until I lost consciousness.

When I woke up, my legs were swollen and red. Two older boys brought me to the rest rooms. I remember that I could not walk down the hall. They left me in the bathroom with my legs under the water. When I returned to class, my famous teacher told me: "This way you will not waste your time with player cards ever again."

#whoisillegal #Madrid #2003 #Hasselblad500CM #portrait #illegal #inmigrant

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