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The loss of a loved one (Hadsha)

In my opinion, there is no more painful loss than the loss of a loved one.

My mother was a graceful, strong, resilient woman who took care of my thirteen brothers and sisters, of my father's five wives and the latter also. Never complained. I had a very strong and special relationship with her.

Her death greatly influenced my life. I stayed a long time without leaving my room. My husband treated me like a princess, we took care of each other. He was trying to give me the love I deserved. We never argued. He knew its limits, and so did I.

One day we were together in the car. We had a serious accident with a fatal outcome: my husband died on the spot and I became a widow, three months pregnant with my second daughter and solely responsible for the future of my children.

"I love you, Mother. I love you, husband."

#illegal #inmigrant #Madrid #blackandwhite #portrait #Hasselblad500CM

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