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What you always taught me (Haydee)

Grandmother, you who has been by my side since I was little, the one who kept my first drawings from school, you have cooked favorite dishes for me all those years. You came to me at midnight when I called you. You covered me with a blanket when the cold was sneaking in from a window. You waited for me during party nights and supported me in moments of frustration due to homework and end-of-course exams. It was you who has prepared my breakfasts before I left for work. You have heard my cries during the night in times of confusion. You listened when I told you about plans and dreams. You sent prayers to heaven every day for my well-being and encourages my steps from the distance.

To you, dear old lady, I dedicate every moment of my life taking firm steps looking for happiness and triumph in life as you expect and want. I owe you so much. I am and will be what you have always taught me.

#illegal #inmigrant #blackandwhite #portrait #Madrid #Hasselblad500CM

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